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Stoll Multi-Grabber v 1.0

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uploaded 2019-05-08 16:57:52, by John Der33

Stoll Multi-Grabber (Semi-Trailers & Hooklift Applications)
This is one of the most ingenious mods we’ve seen in a long time. It’s a simple mod – And a brilliant idea.
This first version of the mod only works with front loaders.
Hopefully, there will be other versions in the future.
One version for wheel loaders would be superb.
FS19 Stoll Multi-Grabber
Brand: Stoll.
Modder: 5nine.
Category: Front Loaders.
Base price: 1,100.
Selectable colors: Yes.
Three Versions
There are three versions of the grabber included with this mod:
A hooklift attacher.
One semi-trailer attacher.
And a combo of both attachers.
There were some collision errors in the log while we tested this particular version.
But nothing overly dramatic.
Be sure to attach a counterweight to the back of the tractor.
Most semis and hooklift applications are pretty heavy…
Another tip:
The semi-trailer attacher should be unfolded before hooking it onto trailers.



Stoll Multi-Grabber v 1.0, 1 photoStoll Multi-Grabber v 1.0, 2 photoStoll Multi-Grabber v 1.0, 3 photoStoll Multi-Grabber v 1.0, 4 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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2019-05-08 20:14:36 dudeGuy (Guest)
the 5th wheel is backwards

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