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Contest - Obermarktdorf (FIXED)

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uploaded 2020-03-19 12:02:58, by Rooster366

Description: Welcome to Obermarktdorf,
                       The map is hilly and flat, as well as small lakes,
                       streams with two waterfalls,
                       You are in a landscape with 70 fields, several,
                       meadows and forests,
                       You start with a small farm with sheep pasture,
                       a field and a small forest so that you can make the,
                       first money through wood sale to continue to,
                       buy fields,
                       On the map there is a cable car, ruin and a small,
                       hidden mine (search),
                       There are also pedestrains, traffic and an,
                       animated cable car,
                       I wish you much fun on the map. 

Credits: West Modding (only)


Contest - Obermarktdorf (FIXED), 1 photoContest - Obermarktdorf (FIXED), 2 photoContest - Obermarktdorf (FIXED), 3 photoContest - Obermarktdorf (FIXED), 4 photo

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uploaded by Rooster366
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Comments (1)

2020-03-19 23:00:48 richard (Guest)
when maps and mods are uploaded by someone else its good to see the original credits in place as it is and NOT someone elses

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