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County Line Seasons FS 19 v 2.0

Category:  Farming Simulator 2019 Mods » Maps
Uploaded by:  uploaded by John Der33
Date:  2019-07-27 11:19:41
Downloads:  2215 downloads
Size:  File Size: 960.95 MB
Comments:  7 comments
Rating:   Rating:
2/5, 14 votes

Here it is, the long awaited Seasons update! Please reference the Readme.txt in the .zip file to read on changes as well as gameplay information.
A Midwestern USA 4x map, originally created by blueweb for FS15 and FS17.  This is essentially a recreation of the FS17 Seasons edit by Broncfan03.
The map features:
- Two towns, Moore and Burksville
- Starter farm with lots of grain and equipment storage
- Several sell points and fill triggers
- 33 buyable crop fields, with sizes ranging from 13-200 acres
- Additional buyable grass pastures
- Animal farms with custom placeables
- Dedicated forestry area and sawmill
- Multi-terrain angle
- Functional contracts

American Eagles Modding


County Line Seasons FS 19 v 2.0, 1 photoCounty Line Seasons FS 19 v 2.0, 2 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (7)

2019-07-27 17:28:02 Ronj (Guest)
corrupted save games. Can't save. errors on load. Unplayable
2019-07-28 07:31:14 gege45
trop de barrieres ,pas de magasins pour vendre
2019-07-28 11:34:37 KYFarmer
if yall want to download this version with support, go to american eagles modding page and download it, it has a support forum for the map there, don't wait until until its released on sites that has no support for the mods uploaded
2019-08-03 19:56:21 wdriggs
I went to there site to download this map and they have a Trojan virus and I cant download it
2019-08-04 15:03:34 S0HN0H
@KYFarmer..yeah - and most gammers ARE SICK AND TIRED of making more accounts in order to have Mods and Maps. the problem is..the demand for mods. we the gamers..can't play a game WITH OUT CHEATING..DONT SPEECH to me about how mods make the game better - because that's bullshit. Mods makes thieves and thus creates this huge world of mod thievery. SO BLAME Yourselves - for needing Mods in order to play your game.
2019-08-04 15:09:11 djmerlin2 (Guest)
its works but i got my from american eagles modding page i can save and load and sell points works to i have seen ppl talking about sell points not working the work fine.
2019-08-17 16:37:27 Drogon (Guest)
Yazu's version was so much better because there was something to do on the map. Here it is empty, add some productions, multi fruits to the harvest. A terribly boring map. You only refer to the website with support, when I read the above comments I don't want to do it anymore.

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