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County Line v 1.0.1

Rating: 5/5, based on 65 votes
uploaded 2019-06-22 21:55:42, by Yaz

FS19_CountyLine V. 1. 0. 1
-collisions on certain plant objects have been removed
-repaired inoperative triggers
-Fixed visual and graphical bugs reported by players
-corrected the farmlands
-there are still many errors and warnings;
--Fixed a few errors in the logbook
There are still many bugs in the log, but the map is playable everything runs steadily and smoothly, does not hang up

Blueweb-converting by Yazu

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uploaded by Yaz
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Comments (12)

2019-06-23 07:41:05 Vortex (Guest)
Those fields look like and A.I. nightmare.... Looks like too much babysitting of the A.I. and frustration....
2019-06-23 22:23:18 Farmer (Guest)
The idea is that this is a conversion from fs17, this is not a new map. All errors from fs17 are and here, although I see that part is removed. I play over 26 hours without any problems or suspensions.
2019-06-23 22:25:13 Gorn (Guest) Thank you guys for that map. If someone doesn't fit in, don't download it.
2019-06-23 22:28:41 Jd ep 201 JD EP 201 (Guest) " FS19 COUNTYLINE map is amazing.theamount of time put into this map is shown from road to the town and the farms. I am not into big farming but this map begs to be seen by all. Every inch of this map just seems right. it can use a few touches but what map can. All maps needs updates. this map needs fine tuning because it is at a level of being great. if you are into big farming and that country feel give this map a shot. "
2019-06-24 07:14:17 Trucky (Guest)
Top map, great detail and pretty realistic feel to it. Thanks for all your work.
2019-06-25 19:48:29 Farmer (Guest)
2019-06-25 20:12:02 Nick (Guest)
2019-06-30 20:51:40 Edward (Guest)
Please remove all the animal pens form the map
2019-07-01 07:12:22 paul (Guest)
why is the contracts what's left is saying NAN% ??????? im about 80% done do they ever finish? im on my first contract harvest shows contract percentage NAN% something wrong there??
2019-07-01 07:16:45 paul (Guest)
oh there's a collision in town too on the main drag/road in town near the turn off intersection to shop
2019-07-01 11:14:37 shadow (Guest)
contracts don't pay out or finish/completion still has nan% on version 1.0.1( nan must mean zero-nought-nada-zip) going to find another map to farm on cause of that ...……..sorry
2020-02-17 21:29:01 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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