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FS 19 KandelinFinal

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uploaded 2019-08-24 19:40:00, by Guest

Hello Farmer, It's all right to see the final version of Kandelin until today
We wish you many great hours on the map, as a single player or in multiplayer.
If you do not start from scratch, you will find a short guide under "explanation pictures" to continue using his savegame

We recommend for even more fun


-Baywa-Bisdorf texture wall on sale trigger (Season only)
Problems with colli of several trees
Sheep stable Colli
- some ice sheets did not work
Pigs could not be fed with pig feed
-Kärcher sheepfold stood in the wall
Floating house at meadow 9
Floating tree pasture Agrar Kandelin
Floating fence pasture Agrar Bisdorf
-Hofankstelle Pferdehof Wrong ID allocation (SP & MP)
Floating tree at meadow 3
Floating tree at field 18
-Mist spawnpunkt Schafhof
-Black yellow markings at Dairy Arla
Colli Weidetor sheep farm
- missing gate pig farm added
Productions switched to Global Company
False fill type near Lucerne bales
Grass did not grow in seasons
-In-camera fixed plane
-Schafhof Sound removed from the former bale crusher
Problem with digestate in the BGA's
-PFD's adjusted
- Global Company
- and many little things

To prevent your System and Savegame from damage it is recommended to use only the Original Download-Link.

Discord Link for Support


FS 19 KandelinFinal, 1 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (1)

2019-08-24 20:12:43 Maispflücker (Guest)
Download nun über Upload ? Nicht dein ernst oder? Dann richte dir lieber mal ein Spenden Konto ein , wäre für deine Arbeit Sinnvoller , und nicht hier alle bestrafen mit dem Dienst von Upload ! :-( :-( ..

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