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FS19 BigFields zoltanm v 4.0 (reupload)

Rating: 4/5, based on 9 votes
uploaded 2018-12-17 00:45:00, by Guest


FS19 BigFields zoltanm


V4 changelog
 - add airport (multi sellstation)
 -new field corners
 - new pda map
V3 changelog
- storeplace repair
- roads
- design repair
- add sellStations
4 big field
-1. 170.7 ha
-2. 69.4 ha
-3. 18.6 ha
-4. 69.4 ha


work BGA
-capacity 1000000000
-fillType all++
-fillType all++


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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (7)

2018-12-17 10:08:23 Joseph (Guest)
Please, Plant is not growing your map.......... Complete your map than uploaded it Thank Joseph
2018-12-17 15:21:12 Guest (Guest)
I have this map but there is no dirt just grass is it meant to be that way so you can plow your own field and have multiple in one big field or am I missing something
2018-12-17 22:43:08 Santiago72 (Guest)
en este mapa no se puede vendar la cosecha?
2018-12-20 21:41:36 comments 2 (Guest)
sell station not working
2019-01-06 23:34:11 ginaschum59
I have the download of the one before this one! I love the BIG fields in this game. Not ready to update to a new version yet. I placed my own sell points in and extended roads on this map. Not Complaining Love these types of maps.
2019-01-12 22:04:51 stefan (Guest)
Nothing of this thinks work :( work BGA gasStation -diesel -air -def farmsilo -capacity 1000000000 -fillType all++ limeStation -free -fillType all++ sellStation -Mill make it work please and upload again. thank you
2019-03-19 03:00:54 ice-freedom80 (Guest)
We want this map on PS4, pleeeease

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