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Lone Oak 19

Rating: 3/5, based on 15 votes
uploaded 2019-06-20 11:00:00, by Guest

Welcome To Lone Oak
- A real life replica farm in Oregon, USA
- A FS19 conversion w/out permission from anyone.
A new gas station
Lime, manure, an animal dealer, and Anhydrous have been added to map.
BGA has been expanded as well.


Bullet Bill
Brian Holtz

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (8)

2019-06-20 15:25:51 Discusted (Guest)
Clearly a fake and no one should download this. The admin of this site should ban the uploader so as to not to continue to spread this filth.
2019-06-20 15:26:43 strawberry (Guest)
stealing !!!!!!!!!!!
2019-06-20 16:43:33 S0HN0H
Thank You whom ever brought Lone Oak to FS19..I know what it took to get Lone Oak into FS19 and I thank you for your work and time. @ You two Tick Turds. everyone who knows Bullet Bill..has been waiting for Bullet Bill to present Lone Oak map or Any map to FS19..of which BB said he was NOT going to Mod anything for FS19 (I know..because I was there on his FB the night he said it) also EVERYONE knows that WHOM EVER released this map for FS19 wasn't going to be the original creator Bullet Bill. so I ask you - how the hell would you know this map is Stolen or a Fake? just because its released for FS19?..takes a Thief to know a Thief huh...ironic that you two guest..commented a second after each other.. 3:25 and 3:26 AM this two half a sissy's know nothing, but how to run your mouth.
2019-06-20 20:58:45 Rövhög (Guest)
lul *Uploaded By Guest*
2019-06-21 02:05:15 João (Guest)
This was one of the best maps of FS17. It has a bug because it has no place to sell its production. It is also said that the author of the map did not authorize its launching for FS19. I hope the real map author will bid for FS19.
2019-06-21 19:23:35 it's fake (Guest)
stolen by dudeguy. Not authorized by bulletbill.
2019-06-21 21:31:14 fake (Guest)
this map needs to be removed
2019-06-23 01:14:54 long live bill (Guest)
if its not done by Oxygendavid its fake to all you who didnt know who ever posted this was real stupid to put not by david or bill

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