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Malopolska Wies v 1.1

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uploaded 2019-08-26 01:04:11, by John Der33

Yo! I present to you my map: Lesser Poland Village
The map is large, covers the entire possible area, is kept in the climate of Podbeskidzie.

The map has:
- 4 farms of different sizes
- Cows
- Pigs
- Sheep
- Chickens
- Farmland
- 236 fields (bought)
- 12 meadows (bought)
- the ability to remove stones, trees and bushes from the field borders
- 1 large forest and several smaller groves
- Sawmill
- 2 Purchases of straw and hay
- 2 cereal purchases
- Dairy
- SKR / PGR operating as a biogas plant (we make silage there and sell it in a cow trough)
- Gates and Gates opened on the button
- Lights on button
- car traffic
- Interesting, highly varied terrain
- Climate of Podbeskidzie
I hope you like the map: D
v1.1 changes:
- Most of the entrance gates have been expanded and some garages have been enlarged
- The forest has been thickened
- Dairies and liming stations have been added
- The ending has been improved
- Silage silo on the farm with cows has been repaired
- Some minor bugs have been removed
The map has some errors in the LOG, but they do not affect the game.
I plan to release a version compatible with seasons soon
At the very beginning of the game, I recommend rewinding the time so that the plants grow one stage, because the grass from FSa17 converted before the last
The map can be taken to other forums, but only with the original link and author's description


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uploaded by John Der33
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