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Nordfriesische Marsch v 1.3

Rating: 5/5, based on 1 vote
uploaded 2019-02-24 22:41:57, by John Der33

Moin people, the wait is over and I can show you the Nordfriesian March V1 beta.

Done for V1.2 Fix
- Wrong silo texture changed at the station, depot and sewage treatment plant
- Field 24 recalculated (now course play suitable)
- Slightly floating house field 23/24

Unfortunately, there are still no productions but very many sales opportunities.

North Frisian plains with attention to detail, typical of dikes, ditches, forests, deco windmills
Large fields (20 cereals, 14 grass)
17 sales stations
2 bga's
New missions
Very much space for placeable objects of all kinds

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (5)

2019-02-24 22:57:51 Bobroy Minnesota Farmer (Guest)
I love it Now how about no ditches ?
2019-02-25 04:06:38 wheelchairman36
Can't upload from that sight, says exceeded limit even though first time used. plz change.
2019-02-25 20:55:19 pietersss
The upload site takes to long to load....
2019-02-26 03:29:17 tasteless (Guest)
Yea they rip you of by making you pay if you want faster downloads, Crocka shit.
2019-02-26 19:49:36 wheelchairman36 (Guest)
Agreed upload site suxxx

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