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Northwind Acres - Build your dream farm v 2.0.3

Rating: 1/5, based on 57 votes
uploaded 2019-05-04 23:54:37, by John Der33

Welcome to Northwind Acres map. This is a brief description of the map.
Changelog v2.0.0.1
Remodeling of the main farm
Removal of heavy objects (high poly silo)
Organization of placeable objects
Wind turbine in the fields
Vegetation modeling - more detail
The capacity of the main farm silos will be adjusted to 10000000L - Enough for up to three harvests each fruit!
Adjusted sound effects locations
Fixed issue with lighting poles on main farm
New PDA map
New Initial Vehicles ( Northwind Acres map version)
Corrected volume of wind sound effect
Fixed problem with map borders
Added location for sale of vehicles in the Vehicle Shop
Added farmTrailer structure in mainfarm
The map is part of the XLFarms project, which presents large plots of cultivation for the use of high power machines. It has a smooth topography, with small elevations, dirt roads between the fields and a low vegetation.
Northwind Acres Locations
Railroad Grain Silo
Selling Station Wood Chips
Daisy Dragon Dairy
Biogas Plant G.L.G. Green Leaf Gas INC.
Animal Trader Patterson Stockyards INC.
Horse Ranch Wild Pony Resort
Vehicle Shop Area
Spinnery Hill Wool Mill INC.
Spinnery Weberei Striesing
Grain Silo Central
Northwind Acres Fields
1 - 64
2 - 64
3 - 64
4 - 64
5 - 9,06
6 - 25,6
7 - 25,6

Map by MoslessNeo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (8)

2019-05-05 19:29:36 straka2
2019-05-09 01:21:16 Mac (Guest)
Map works great until you save the game. Once you try to play it later it doesn't work. ??????
2019-05-09 07:01:58 kmulle
@ MAC I downloading this map at share mods instead of direct and i have good map
2019-05-30 05:12:53 Mike Wilson (Guest)
Hi, John Der33 I have a question about your map, " Build The Farm of your dreams, I've been looking for big maps to come out, due to my way of playing FS, I love big maps , it is more fun for my level of gameplay to go big or go home so to speak, I came across your map, and I do like it, but before I download it, I do have some questions. The way I play is both agriculture, and forestry combined, I believe its necessary to do both not only ti=o have a well rounded farm but also it makes it more entertaining, and more interesting then just an ag farm alone. With that stated I read through the disruption of your map mod, and I noticed it only had a sell point for woodchips. The questions I would like to ask you is the woodchips sell point the only sell point for wood products? or is there sell points for logs?, if not are you going to place them in at some point? I'm getting board with the ravenport map, I would like to get something better. I hope you will answer my questions I will wait to download your map until you reply, I hope you will. I would love to play it but if it doesn't really have much of a forestry aspect then I will pass it until I find one which does. Thank you for your time Respectfully Mike Wilson Sr
2019-05-30 07:22:12 @Mike (Guest)
john Der33 is a BOT. He is not the creator of any mod posted. He cannot help you.
2019-05-30 09:53:32 S0HN0H
you proofed read the description, but missed the actual map creator - your a genius boy blunder. "Map by MoslessNeo" @Mike your just a Dairy Queen .99 value meal ass nugget. hey Ding A Ling..your talking to a Bot. by the way there are 597 maps for FS19 and you mean to tell us here on Modland..there isn't a map here "Well Rounded" to suit your "Go Big" or stay in the closet and play with yourself style - what ever. FS is not the game for you.. chasing turds with the tidy bowl man - will soon be released...that's the game for you.
2019-05-30 23:02:44 Mike Wilson Sr (Guest)
@ SOHNOH, If I wanted any lip from you I would have pulled it off your boy friend's Zipper, For your information It was the spell checker responsible for the typo's, It happens to us all which shows your actual level of intelligence. So while your are talking downward at me like your better then everyone else you should consider looking at yourself before been condescending someone else's comment. Because you just exposed how mature you really are mentally and as well as your true level of intellect. So Stick a sock in your virtual mouth, I was asking a question to the owner/creator, The question was not for you!, I didn't know how else to contact them other then posting in the comments, on other sites "my dear Boy" that's how its done. whether or not its a bot, Mr all knowing and High and mighty person with a God complex, Some times the authors/creators does read the feedback on their mods on these sites, and they sometimes will respond. Therefore if your not the person whom created or uploaded this map Get Lost, Go Pound Sand somewhere. your not worth my time, nor are you worth talking too. Mike Wilson Sr
2019-05-30 23:17:23 Mike Wilson Sr (Guest)
RE: John Der 33 Bot To the person whom wrote" @Mike (Guest) john Der33 is a BOT. He is not the creator of any mod posted. He cannot help you. Thank you for your respectful advice concerning that it was a bot, I'm new to this stuff(bots) Its been my experience on other sites, where I would post asking questions of mods to their author/ creators. and they have responded. I thought it was the same here. I guess you might be an admin on the site given the way you return correspondence to me very respectful which is appreciated, unlike the other which I have already posted towards, have a great day! MIke Wilson Sr

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