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PineWood Farms v 1.0.2

Rating: 4/5, based on 29 votes
uploaded 2019-04-19 13:14:37, by John Der33

PineWood Farms, A large feature Rich 4k map For farming simulator 19,  no errors in log, all sell points working, Train does not have collision,and remains stopped for loading till you enter again to drive

all lands buy-able,

Creators Tigger D (Larry R Davenport) and StreetReaper ( Derick Hay )

Special Credit Mod creators who may not be known, as usual all placeables in this map are edited and used from various Maps, We would appreciate any feed back / Issues with this map,

Thanks and Happy Faming

Author Tigger D (Larry R davenport) & Streetreaper ( Derick Hay )

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (10)

2019-04-19 13:55:49 AB Farms (Guest)
A 4x map in 22mb, you've got to be kidding. Don't bother downloading this there is no map.
2019-04-19 14:43:58 Bobroy Minnesota Farmer (Guest)
Yup Nothing !
2019-04-19 17:13:41 bob (Guest)
its just a file with a bunch of photos
2019-04-19 17:22:13 Bobby two Teeth (Guest)
Thanks folks !
2019-04-19 21:01:40 Guest (Guest)
I really wanted this map just know that there is no map, really disappointing
2019-04-19 21:26:08 AirwolfUSAF (Guest)
Go over to Expendables modding facebook page. This map is there to download. However, it's still in beta and a healthy download of 2.6G. An update is currently being worked on by the mod authors.
2019-04-19 22:11:57 Modmaniac (Guest)
you can thank the moron who uploaded this map. guess the idiot thought it was the map file. just the picture previews of the map is all it is people so do not download. like AirwolfUSAF said ..... go to Expendables modding facebook page to download actual map.
2019-04-21 04:39:07 Larry R Davenport (Guest)
Author Tigger D (Larry R davenport) & Streetreaper ( Derick Hay ) Direct Download Link, Thanks to the uploader, for trying
2019-06-01 14:33:07 billyp (Guest)
what a load of crap. Don't waste your time downloading this co-called map.
2019-07-06 04:35:17 S0HN0H
it is a lame piece of work. downloaded it..then deleted. 2Gs of useless bullshit. you would be better off waiting for Sandbox Simulator part Duh to be released. this isn't farming...this is Sim's trying to replicate a farm. lame shit...yawwwn borring!

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