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Sudhemmern MultiFruit v 3.0

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uploaded 2019-06-15 16:22:05, by John Der33

Fruit types:
Asparagus incorporated as a new fruit, added to the crop.
Liquid fertilizer (fertilizer and water out = liquid fertilizer out)
Peat production in the peat plant (diesel out = peat out); Torfwerk newly installed.
Cherry production (compost and peat and water out = cherries out)
Plum production (compost and peat and water = plums out)
Sugar production (sugar beet or sugar ear and water out = sugar out)
Rum production (sugar cane and water and sugar out = rum out)
Yoghurt production (cherries and plums and sugar and milk = yoghurt out)
Schnapps production (wheat or rye and potato and water and chips = schnapps out)
MilkMax (Milk out and Milk out)
New fill types:
Peat, cherries, prunes, sugar, yogurt, brandy, UHT milk and rum. Rum, brandy, UHT milk and yogurt can be added with the attached tanker
be transported.
For all new fruit and filling types the bearings are extended; the farm filling station also serves as
Bearings up to 32,000 l. The central warehouse for the products (opposite the refinery) expands for the new products.
Sold at:
Hotel, tavern, country trade, garden center 2 and guest house
Sale goods:
Peat, seed, fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, mixed ration, pig feed can be produced and sold.
Compost can now be applied in the manure spreader as fertilizer.
More minor bugs fixed.

Ich danke allen, deren Gebäude ich verbaut habe, vielfach schon aus älteren Versionen des LS.

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (1)

2019-06-18 18:43:09 Mike (Guest)
Spargel sieht aus wie Papier! Und seid wann wird Spargel mit Grimme geerntet XD. Dit war wohl nichts wa?

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