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Suedhemmern v 1.6 MULTIFRUIT

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uploaded 2019-04-18 23:43:23, by John Der33

Version Multifruit:
1. Wild growing fence posts removed
2. Individual red cabbage removed at the entrance to the feed mixing hall
3. Shafstall Palettenspawner shifted by 20cm, so that it no longer collides with the shelf. Ground marker adjusted accordingly.
4. Floating house located at the industrial plant
Fixed a fence on Meadow 2
6. Lantern on the Eimo out of the way
7. Bakery flickering gates fixed (texture swapped)
8. Water storage with signage installed at the yard for emptying of water trailers
9. BGA fixed so that it can be bought and operated by other courts in the MP to defuse low terrain changes around the Hubbel to the silos.
10. Fixed some field edges.
11. roof of the shelter at the wash area equipped with a collision (no blind flight anymore if you drive through it)
12. Fixed various collisions (added where necessary, removed where irrelevant)
13. Slightly raised the roofs on the grain silo to reduce the texture's Z-fighting. ClipDistance is set uniformly to 350 so that the roof appears together with the building in the self-field and not first the roof and then the building.
14. Reset point for vehicles slightly shifted to have more space for potato storage hall out.
15. Ground marker inserted in the yard grain silo for filling
16. Sugarbeet_Haulm Texture changed so that no leaf remains appear when sowing over the seed texture. But the leaf remains fall away after harvesting. This is a bug from Giants.
17. Laundry at the yard lowered by 18cm to get better ground adaptation.
18. Remove stone wall specularmap (glossmap) to remove the unnatural and deep black drop shadows.
19. Removed at box 13 collision on some utility poles and traffic signs
20. BGA bunker capacity increased to 90000Liter (The bunker is the part where your silage will dump for processing)
21. Field14 removes a fence element to widen the driveway
22. Field07 Grass corner removed and fieldArea redefined
23. EIMO Specularmap removed during milk processing to remove drop shadows.
24. Remove pig grouse Specularmap to remove drop shadows.
25. White cabbage and red cabbage Diffuse texture and normal map for the fillplanes replaced and Materialholder adapted accordingly
26. Wood chips added to the yard at the straw store and sign changed
27. Roof on the BGA equipped with collisions
28. Building fences placed in front of the gates of the feed mixing hall to avoid further inquiries whether the hall is working or not. These fences can also be sold through the shop again.
29. Reduced shine on the cutterbar shelves and control boxes.
30. Manure was added to the sales stations garden center and sewage treatment plant.
To make the changes to points 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 and 17 visible or active, please follow the update instructions.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply terrain modifications to the Landscaping tool, as changes have been made to the terrain on the map itself.

Ich danke allen, deren Gebäude ich verbaut habe, vielfach schon aus älteren Versionen des LS.

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (1)

2020-06-05 22:40:00 daniel (Guest)
feed mixing hall ITS NOT WORKING WHY NOT

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