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The Old Stream Farm v 1.2.1

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uploaded 2019-09-12 20:45:52, by John Der33

Welcome to, Old Stream Farm. The famous farm of the 70's is back for even more fun. Located in a fictional European-style countryside, the roads will take you to the small town of Dorfbach and Grünwald.
- Added placeable for sleep
- Added "Snow Mask" for seasons mod
- Minor changes and corrections
- Optimized placeables for console
- Fields can now be bought separately
- !! New savegame required !!
- Add BaleTrigger for woodchip bales at the sawmill
- Fixed BGA Trigger
- Fixed Grass error on the field 34
- Fixed the problem where trees disappeared in the farm
- Fixed the interior texture in the ETA
- Fixed Light arm
- Fixed water plane
- Fixed straw trigger for the cows
- Fixed invisible collision in the ETA
- Replace the decorative grass with real grass in the free zone
- Added more lights on the buildings Farm
- Added automatic lights on the farm
- Added grass field missions
- You can now sell and buy all buildings in the farm
- Some minor bug fixes
New game not required but advise.

BlackSheep Modding

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uploaded by John Der33
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