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Welcome To Stone Valley v 1.0

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uploaded 2020-02-11 19:50:03, by John Der33

Welcome To Stone Valley,
- Stone Valley is based on a area in central illinois in america i have designed this map so that you can also
build your own farms ie animals etc in the Stone Valley an its not just one big placeable spot.
- Stone Valley is full seasons supported.
- Real life case vehicle shop.
- There is 37 fields ranging from medium to large.
- 3 selling points includes BGA { Real life selling areas }
- 3 farms.
- Custom transport missions and field missions.
- Custom soil textures, distance, grass, ground textures.
- Custom transport missions and field missions.
- Custom lighting.
- Animated objects.
- All brand new custom made farm models and also various farming Simulator 19 features as well.
- Massive thank you to Shywizard for giving me support on this project and also thank you to ccs101 Bulletbill & Oxygendavid for letting me use some of there models.
- I really hope that you enjoy Stone Valley.


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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (3)

2020-04-27 14:06:40 farmonetime (Guest)
love this map I live on it in fs I just wish it was set up with auto drive
2020-04-27 14:29:31 pumbaone
yes this map is awesome love the size be good if the farms where empty so u could put your own sheds and what not but still great ow yes be good if auto drive was set up on it
2020-05-06 03:29:54 Chad R (Guest)
I also like this map as well I wish you could ut your own bin set up tho some of the bins u have to back in to unload and also would like to see animal farms as well, and its a nice size map but wish u don't have to buy like a section of a few fields at a time I woud like to have to buy each field as 1 field at a time not a whole bunch at once so the few farms that's on there can have there own set of fields but over all is a nice map

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