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WILD WEST 16X MAP update v 1.1

Rating: 2/5, based on 355 votes
uploaded 2020-02-02 04:32:03, by John Der33

FS19 Wild West 16x update
* Removed floating light by animal dealer
* Added cabbage and spelt to main silo
* Horses can now be riddin
* Fixed diesel sale trigger
* You can now add bales to farm silo. (If you want to)
* Lighting fixed at shop, Petrol Station and sell points
*for the traffic issue (turning off and on) its not the map its a weird Glitch here is how you can fix it:
 Start Game, turn off traffic, save Game.
 Now Exit map and Game (you must exit both)
 Restart save game, now you should be able to turn traffic on and off as you wish.
NOTE: If you want these fixes to work, you will have to start a new game sorry.
There have been some other minor fixes done on this map as well.
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NOTE: I'm really sick of some remarks that people leave. If you don't like the map or my work, move on... You are the main reason I'm not keen on adding my mods outside of my facebook group. I'm on boarder line releasing anymore on here. Tp the ones that do like my work, please join my facebook page as a lot of my work is left with members of my group. I am greatfull to you. Cheers
Ok guys here is the  'WilWest 16x map". We had a blast making this map and I hope you guys have as much fun on it as we did making it. Special shout out to 'The Collaboration crew who is OTD, Thompson Johnny, Perran Greenaway and myself who have joined in and made this map possible.. Also to our map reviewers and testers. I am going to carry on playing this map on our server but want to let you know that we have another map I have started work on. It has a lot of forestry  on it so should be enjoyed for a larger amount of gamers that like forestry. We would like you to watch as this will give you more of a insight into this map. We put this map out to our Facebook group and have possitive feedback from our members and we decided it is time to let you guys have it. It is seasons ready.
If this is not to your liking. Delete it. To the rest, Enjoy. Cheers. Cazz64
Facebook group link:
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Cazz64, OAG The Collaboration


WILD WEST 16X MAP update v 1.1, 1 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (6)

2020-02-02 21:00:56 bill (Guest)
great map cazz keep up the great work my favorite map now
2020-02-04 19:09:39 joesph waldner (Guest)
nice map
2020-02-13 09:02:51 crazy modder (Guest)
b nice 2 c an actual picture of n game map 2 c if itz worth downloading
2020-02-13 18:32:28 BigRichMods
dont look forward to that @guest..these mappers aren't trying to please you - they're only after download count that gives them pennies on the dollar. let me ask you a question? - why does this Map interest you in the first place? are you sure, you want to stuff this 2.G map into your PC? if the mapper didn't provide a decent photo from the beginning..because this map is 2.G of chewed bubble gum - that's why. all them comments of how great this map is? are they're friends talking up this mod for download count- don't be lured by, or cattle herded into downloading a mod that isn't right for you- don't give the mapper that satisfaction. its called SHOP-SMART just as in Real Life. cheap doesn't mean its Better, and Better isn't always expensive. USE YOUR BRAIN PEOPLE.
2020-03-02 04:58:41 guest (Guest)
a super job love the map keep up the good work
2020-03-10 22:12:51 sweden (Guest)
hello cant we sell our crops in this map because i dont find place to sell anythink?

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