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AC 2500S Placable Shed Pack

Rating: 4/5, based on 5 votes
uploaded 2019-04-24 09:47:42, by AC_2500S

Diffrent Sheds from around the FS modding comunity compiled into a placable pack

Current sheds:
4 Stall Shed
6 Stall Shed
4 Stall Shed Old
Easy Hall A
Easy Hall B
Hay Shed
Hay Shed Small
Machine Shed
Machine Shed Large
Machine Shed Massive
Storage Shed
Truck Shed
Morton 100X200 fitted out
Beiser Bunker Silo

added animations to some buildings including doors and lights
added spotlights with shadow casting to some buildings that are switched manually plus day and night
added detail to some sheds
added truck shed
added Beiser Bunker Silo
added Morton 100X200 fitted out

Next update:
add more sheds
add animations to the remainder of buildings
fix some textures

Building models Belong to original owners
Signs: AC_2500S
Scripting: AC_2500S
Detailing: AC_2500S

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uploaded by AC_2500S
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Comments (7)

2019-04-24 15:32:29 BOBROY MINNESOTA FARMER (Guest)
I like a lot But doors will not open ?
2019-04-24 16:52:36 OnondagaFarmer
209 Mb file for a placible is crazy
2019-04-25 21:06:54 YOYOYOYOYO (Guest)
Doors do not open on current version, and one of the buildings makes a HORRIBLE loud noise.
2019-04-29 23:18:30 Bobroy Minnesota Farmer (Guest)
So are you going to fix the problem or take it off Modland net ? This is a good site we don't need junk
2019-05-26 17:50:25 paul (Guest)
nice selection of shed/garages pity you can't open the doors but I did see a command for opening one door but for a brief second and it was very tiny ( like it flickered ) area couldn't find after I will wait for an update/fix to this pack
2019-06-02 19:36:22 straka2
2020-01-18 08:25:43 tsr34 (Guest)
soooooo are you going to update this shed pack or what? or just like producing junk and taking stuff off other maps?

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