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GLX Morton Pole Barn 72x160

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uploaded 2019-11-13 17:09:58, by RECON

Placeable buildings from our Ohio/Michigan Line map pack.
 -10 siding choices
 -Seasons ready!
 -Animated doors and lights
 -Buildings match the others being released from the pack
 -All buildings have their own store category

 These are the buildings from our Ohio/Michigan map.  We thought players might find them useful on other maps as well.  We are releasing them individually so you can choose the ones you like.  These are still version 1.0, with enough requests, we may release a version 2.0 with more details, decorations, shop triggers, ect...
Not all are original creations, some are edits and conversions from FS17

GTX is a group of friends and family of all ages in the agricultural industry. We enjoy making mods for Farm Simulator as a hobby in our spare time to help raise funds for our local FFA and 4-H organizations.  THANK YOU for your contributions!!!


-All the players and modders who keep the modding community a friendly place!

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uploaded by RECON
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Comments (2)

2019-11-15 14:36:40 JD (Guest)
Love the shed. Cant wait for the others to come out
2019-12-04 16:25:34 shaun (Guest)
very nice but could you fix him when you put him on the map work good to you try to bay more stuff from the sore it make the came go bow the sore it not her mods it dose it all stuff if you could fix it at wood be very nice

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