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Silageproduction v 1.0

Rating: 3/5, based on 14 votes
uploaded 2019-04-27 16:08:52, by John Der33

This is a placeable silage production!
Chopped wood becomes silage.
The shredded material can also be removed again as long as it has not become silage.
Silage production can be found under placeable objects -> silos.
The mod has been tested in Singelplayer mode on my map "Frohnheim" and on "Ravenport" and as far as free of errors.
The script is a new development for the LS19.
The script generates some information in the log, eg current silage production levels.
It is not Errormmeldungen but information.
Please appreciate my work and use the original download links if you have the files on others
Want to offer platforms.
Please also indicate my name in the credits.


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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (9)

2019-04-27 17:26:13 not true (Guest)
got it to store chaff was about it..
2019-04-27 20:06:16 works fine (Guest)
makes silage at rate of 1000 liters per minute from chaff.....chaff is all i got to work in it...but great silage silo...outstanding work!
2019-04-28 00:18:26 OnondagaFarmer
Rather confussing..wood? into silage, makes abosolute non sense - what ever. so then,...I do know chaff is make silage..but im not the genius behind this mod..However..i have a question..what's the need of BGA plant that have silage clamps..and this mod on the same map?..seems counter productive or am I just blind. more info is needed..not defined or explained well. on other mod sites..the comment sections on the particular mod..go on for ever.
2019-04-28 14:50:00 Arclight
What farmer/rancher makes silage out of wood. Wood-fed beef ??
2019-04-28 15:31:26 OnondagaFarmer
in my part of America The Beautiful ..wood is ground into paper pulp and used to make terrified by your wood eating leave me no going to have to slap a Notice To Quit on your husband Farmer_Schubi..this shit is frightening the children
2019-04-28 17:11:59 DakotaFarmer (Guest)
Yay how about a forage mixing station... or a cow pen that is bigger than someones backyard in the city.. FS19 you have actually gone downhill since fs17... only good thing is you got John Deere on board... step it up !!!!
2019-04-28 23:12:33 OnondagaFarmer
Dakota - you wont ever see that. it breaks all treaties with Europeans to expect them to have bigger ambitions. they like to travel down tiny roads, to go do a little work on they're small fields, on small farms. who view our American farms and field sizes and faint.
2019-04-29 02:08:05 super m (Guest)
yea maybe someday we can make seeds and fertilizer
2019-04-29 03:00:59 kmulle
I use a large mixer wagon like the one shown in picture. Now 50% hay +50% silage = TMR and you can draw hey and silage from same storage

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