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Oliver tractor pack beta

Rating: 3/5, based on 2 votes
uploaded 2019-04-15 09:37:10, by John Der33

This pack has 7 olivers and 1 white tractor and they are all in the beta stage so there will be more updates to come.

Please use sharemods link to support me to make more mods.

adub modding

old iron modding


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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (4)

2019-04-15 19:43:57 OnondagaFarmer
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME..nothing to see here but lame mod skills, and missing parts. I honesty can not believe Giants let this crap into the game...I take that back (Giants does allow bullshit into its game).. this is low-value discount cookie cutter Walmart brand of modding at its worse. Oliver Tractor enthusiasts..viewing this mod will only break your heart. I Warn You*
2019-04-19 05:34:45 demon (Guest)
awesome mod
2019-04-19 13:52:48 Farmhand (Guest)
Afraid I have to agree, loads of crap floating around, half completed rushed maps and mods aplenty, even on Giant's own modhub where they have apparently been 'tested'. The latest Horsch dlc is reporting errors in the log. Very disappointing after all the publicity they gave us 😥
2019-04-22 09:41:20 AKA bighorse (Guest)
I like the idea of these Oliver tractors the colors are right and being that old probably would not have a pristine new shiny coat of paint would they...I did try them out and they seem to drive pretty nice however I did find some issues with the lights they stay on and flash I could not toggle them on or off I tried everything to figure that out and was the same with each of them. Hoping you can fix that issue because I really would like to have one or two of these in the yard!

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