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Blue Monster multicolor v

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uploaded 2019-03-11 12:16:14, by John Der33

1000 Vario with MONSTER Power!
after I found the following plug on MH
but I had problems - with the strongest tractor in the game - to drive on hilly terrain on the mountain or to keep the speed or reach! ;)
Version multicolor
Color choice added
Since I'm a Fendt fan, I've decided to tune the 1000 Vario a bit!
After a difficult birth but then came out this beautiful MONSTER !!
With the monster you can now plow every field - no matter what terrain - in no time!
Service interval has been extended
Speed increased
Motor power increased! (1165/2502 hp)
My MONSTER also has a "little brother" called POWER!
PS: ... .. pull trailer - of course, too !! ))
PPS: Thanks to Mario Hirschfeld (Hof Hirschfeld / Agrawen), who helped me with the coloring!
Anyone who does not want my MONSTER does NOT need to load it !! - and can save comments on REALISTICS!
I wish all the others a lot of fun with my MONSTER and his little brother POWER !!


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uploaded by John Der33
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