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uploaded 2019-06-09 20:50:22, by Eagle355th

Fendt Trisix update V2.1:
- File reduced to 76mb (instead of 130mb)
- Now compatible with courseplay
- Ability to be locked down when on a trailer
- Correction of a small error with crab steering function
- Color choice Washable! No Errors in log!

Please note that the crab steering function does not apply with row crop tyres and floaters tyres. The wheel steering on the rear axis is disabled on these two wheel configurations (due to the size of the wheels)

FS17: dufffr, qwares17, DemonbobR, Repi and TSL.
FS19: Rico, ITSSDOT (THE man: 3D rework, lights, PTO, bug corrections & XML fixes) Eagle355th, KOTmods, SpawnFarms and Ritchie Smk (tester)


FENDT TRISIX UPDATE v 2.1, 1 photoFENDT TRISIX UPDATE v 2.1, 2 photo

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uploaded by Eagle355th
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Comments (14)

2019-06-09 23:14:32 curious minds (Guest)
What's been changed since this one:
2019-06-09 23:42:06 Eagle355th
2019-06-10 01:36:48 mathu (Guest)
OMG what is this? is this a joke? next very shit edit mod from Eagle355th!!!
2019-06-10 04:20:13 S0HN0H
Curious - why would you two wing nuts..worry so much about about a mod not released by you two? where are your mods or your version of the Fendt Trisix? who elected you inspector of Gadgetry on modland?..THIS WHOLE FUKN SITE IS FULL OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITY of Stealing and or Mod Fraud.. im so sick of you ass nuggets sounding the alarm FOR NOTHING - ABOUT NOTHING just to see your words in print.. GET A REAL JOB ASS NUGGETS..STOP POLICING A SITE THAT YOU HAVE ZERO INFLUEINCE ON..who am i - im retired insurance restoration carpenter. a 1%er who worked his ass off AT ONE JOB for 28 yrs, saved my money..then sold my company to my employees at now 52. im not like your dad or mum..i don't have to slave away at job after job to make ends ends meet at the Bank. oh I don't mod..but I do edit mods. and YOU ARENT SHIT but Trolls and that's all you'll ever amount to
2019-06-10 05:04:13 Eagle355th
2019-06-10 07:36:44 super m (Guest)
nice work eagle LOL
2019-06-10 13:08:48 S0HN0H
lol..nice Trisix by the way Eagle.
2019-06-10 15:00:58 Eagle355th
I'm not the only one that helped with it
2019-06-10 15:23:26 schowdel (Guest)
Shit edit mod from Eagle355th... I recommended my mod Lexion
2019-06-11 21:42:42 Eagle355th
schowdel (Guest) Boo hoo
2019-06-16 23:14:43 GreenFarmer (Guest)
Can't change the color
2019-10-15 20:33:39 farming simulaitor (Guest)
eu particularmente gostei e diferente o trator modelos diferente e isto ai tem que modificar o farming simulaitor 2019 sempre que e possivio produs cada ves mais eu apoio o teu trabalho e com dedicaçao e sacrificio to com tigo
2019-11-14 18:49:14 ricobab
@farming simulaitor : Thank you very much for your kind message.
2020-01-10 00:23:43 Farmer005
I wuz WONDERING what the name of this mod was

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