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John Deere 2016-2018 8R Series Row Crop (PC - Update)

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uploaded 2019-05-17 17:20:18, by Fahrer

After EU Series time for Americanized version update with all standards and new features included ;)
Probably most realsitic and most detalied Series tractor in FS19 for now.

What's new:
- All standards and new features from EU Series included (Greenstar, Configurations, animations etc)
- New Rims ($data paths and files)

- True working ILS (Independent Link Suspension)
- MouseControl for Main Frame high
- realistic wheels Configurations (20 Michelin 30'in Row Crop, 20 Firestone 30'in Row Crop and 17 Trelleborg 36'in Row Crop + 2 Goodyear Floaters)
- New, better Rims on $data paths and gamefiles!
- TurningON animations with separate realLights and dashboards on monitors
- 3 Starfire Configurations (NO / 3000 / 6000) with GPS monitor (separate TurnON animations and programing)
- Front bracket/weights Configurations
- All 2016-2018 Series motor Configurations
- 3 QucikHitch Configurations
- 4 Trumpets Configurations
- 2 year model Configurations: 2016 and 2018
- Safety Triangle and Extremity lights Configurations
- 4 Fender Configurations
- 2 extra lights Configurations
- 4 Beacons Configurations
- UDIM on all extra parts
- Cb Radio (UDIM)
- Realistic drive, motor scale and breaks
- Attacher Joints for all Tanks and equipment
- Extremity lights work only when they are unfolded
- Foldable Extremity lights
- HD quality Decals and Stickers
- All proper Safety Labels (stickers)including interior
- Better emissive effects in cab
- Fixed all Dashboard Animations
- Real values in xml
- New, real sounds
- Better lights emissive effects
- Fixed foliageBiding for all wheels Configurations and front Weights/Attachers Configurations
- Remodeled cab and mirrors
- Error Free
- Small file! (quick download)
*fully supported with JHHG modding's Helicopter Tanks!

JHHG Modding


John Deere 2016-2018 8R Series Row Crop (PC - Update), 1 photoJohn Deere 2016-2018 8R Series Row Crop (PC - Update), 2 photoJohn Deere 2016-2018 8R Series Row Crop (PC - Update), 3 photoJohn Deere 2016-2018 8R Series Row Crop (PC - Update), 4 photo

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uploaded by Fahrer
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Comments (2)

2019-05-17 19:08:38 BEAST
2019-12-14 13:30:33 dimmub (Guest)
why all those annoying advertising before i can download ur file?? don t want it now...bah

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