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Steyr CVT 6175-6230 S-Matic v 1.7

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uploaded 2019-08-28 21:17:51, by John Der33

Hey, I did the Steyr S-Matic from Steyr Modding and made a few improvements.
- Left door and rear window are now controllable via MouseControl
- Sound update
- Exhaust smoke somewhat blackened
- Adjusted seating position
- Rolling off reduces more engine brake
- First and foremost, he got an Origianl crispy Steyr sound that's really fun.
- Then he got wider tires from me than he had before.
- The engine is configurable between 6175,6175 Profi Plus over 6195 up to 6230 6195Profi plus is rausgeflogn for it.
- Man can also grow the standard Stoll to the Hauer front loader console.
- The collision would be adapted to fit the front loader Easy.
- He has also got the new Combine Hoses from me so that the hose is connected to the driller via the tractor with the seed hopper.
- He got a new specular from me .... looks nicer.
- The driving behavior has been adjusted.
He gives me a lot of fun driving I hope you too.

BJR-Modding, ShaderModding, SMT, FK Modding


Steyr CVT 6175-6230 S-Matic v 1.7, 1 photoSteyr CVT 6175-6230 S-Matic v 1.7, 2 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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