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FS 19 Homer Grain Tank 595

Rating: 4/5, based on 10 votes
uploaded 2019-01-02 06:50:44, by winston9587

Homer Variant Pecon Overloader 595

Original FS17 Credits meistro und Team
Converted to FS19 By winston9587


FS 19 Homer Grain Tank 595, 1 photo

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uploaded by winston9587
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Comments (6)

2019-01-04 15:13:29 mike (Guest)
it would be more useful if i could get it to unload w/ silo triggers...ive attempted a few things..but im not a wiz at xml edits or giants editor (i know a few basic things but not when it comes to adjusting unload triggers of tippers and the like)
2019-01-06 21:30:02 thesurgon
hi unable to buy in game please help
2019-01-06 23:16:33 Poopy Pants (Guest)
It's a "Winston9587" mod... what did you expect? Did you think it would function as it should, or be without errors? Him and that idiot ZORLAC should get together and compete for "worst amateur modder". At least ZORLAC has been silent through FS19(thank god).
2019-01-07 00:09:18 papanealesmurf
well POOPY PANTS [ GUEST] if you think you can do better then winston9587 then lets see your mods ohhh really you dont have mods i see then keep your big mouth closed you no good for nothing wonna bee ass hat bit@hy little girl
2019-01-13 02:21:53 thomas (Guest)
i have this mod and i fixed it were you can unload them into silos and trailers it is a really easy fixed
2019-02-03 00:38:12 thibz (Guest)
care to share how the fix is so easy for the rest of us?

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