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Liquid manure set galvanized 9000 liters v 2.0

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uploaded 2019-03-15 13:16:11, by John Der33

Brand specific color choice (Base, Design)

9 different brands selectable (Fuchs, Kaweco, BSA .... and many more)

Tire config added

Swivel distributor dismantled and exchanged against baffles

(Until the manure law is applied everywhere can take anyway)

Two different impact heads selectable (baffle plate and gooseneck)

ConnectionHoses laid all over the barrel

Brand added for multi-brand mods

Power requirement: 85hp

Working width: 14,8m / (I know that that is a lot but also the small farmer wants to finish)

Max. Capacity 9230 liters

Working speed 13 Km / h

Mod has all FS19 standards

Price: 17400 € plus painting and transport costs.

Giants Software GmbH
Projektumsetzung: FBM-Dani-86,FBM-Lukas2002,FBM-Bremi456
Tester und Unterstützer : Butters Tuning Schmiede (Butters / BTS)
BKT Reifen (Modhub): Speedy77/JD7530-Chris
Original by Giants: Kotte Garant 8000

uploaded by John Der33
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