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Peecon Biga Mega Mammoet Autoload v 1.0.3

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uploaded 2019-05-01 13:15:35, by John Der33

Mixer wagon with 64.000l capacity,
Version [MP]
* When I inserted the last EAL script, I had overlooked something, so the selection of Abkippseite no longer worked (double use of the U key). This is now fixed again.
* By using the latest EAL script there is an overlap of key U, why choosing the tip side did not work anymore. This is fixed again.
All kudos to Modder Rolf for the LS17 version, and alfalfa6945 for the easyAutoload script.
I just did the conversation to FS19, and added some minor things.
* You can configure an additional terminal which makes it easier to see the current filllevel. This can be turned around to both sides.
* Choice of filllevel marker. Standard bar or a cute little cow ;)
* Different wheels are configurable

Modder Rolf for the FS19 version
alfalfa6945 for the easyAutoLoader script
sperrgebiet for the FS19 conversion

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (1)

2019-05-12 19:05:27 Rob (Guest)
Downloaded and installed,shows up but when trying to purchase the pic of the machine doesnt load. Cannot purchase.

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