SCHUITEMAKER Crazy +100m Rapide 8400W Bulk LoaderWagon

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1 year ago
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hey DD, I can' do anything with that error. It is the problem of all loader wagon,you can check it

DD (Guest)
1 year ago

I found an issue with this mod. When I'm loading hay, if it finds a bit of grass, it losses all load and begins from 0 again. What could it be ?... Thanks a lot for this mod!.


@BigRichMods, Start a website or youtube channel, and teach everyone.

1 year ago

@Papa - I encourage you to Do your own editing 1. you&#39;ll learn something different 2. pride in ones accomplishments refills Esteem. add a NEW folder to your desk top. name it Custom Mods. take the 8400W Bulk Loader Wagon completely out of the Game Mod folder and place it in the New folder on your desk top you just made. open the file, look for command line <filluntits> for example: <fillUnit unit="$l10n_unit_literShort" fillTypeCategories="bulk" capacity="100000" > now to the right of "100000" hit spacebar, then put in this command: updateMass="false"> it should look like this: <fillUnit unit="$l10n_unit_literShort" fillTypeCategories="bulk" capacity="100000" updateMass="false"> this command add, will trick the Loader Wagon into working correctly with all that added mass, as if it were empty- now..lets change a couple other values. now that we&#39;ve added this Xtra weight, we need its empty rate speed to be increased also (so you don' set all day waiting for the loader wagon to empty that xrta mass- make sense) find <dischargeNode node="dischargeNode" emptySpeed="4500" fillUnitIndex="1" unloadInfoIndex="1"> see the increased empty speed? that&#39;s important. "4500" to "5000" is perfect empty speed. ok let change one more value so this Loader Wagoon enjoys what its doing, and you can get your work finished. look for the base command line, near the top of this XML file. <base> there you will find <speedlimit value="20" (or what ever the current speed limit is) ok increase that value to 50, fifty means this Loader Wagon will travel on the roads at about 32mph and work speed will increase around 10Mph - 15mph..the speed needs to be increased, so that as this bulk wagon doesn' fall on its face with xtra weight - right...right. you will need to change the values in the ModDesc file as well. like the increased capacity to reflect what you changed in the XML, and the Speed Values. add them two files into the Mod File...then install the Mod back into your game Mod folder. give this a try, by all means make a duplicate copy of your file before you start editing. Practice makes Perfect. Once you have everything edited to your liking, now go test your NEW edited Mod on a Vanilla GIANTS map. make sure everything works fine, and the mod does what its supposed to. Ok... Enjoy your New Edited Mod. Yw.

papa (Guest)
1 year ago

Just to let you know I love the mod. But it is very slow and going up a small hill it only goes 3-5 mph. The other one that I have goes 43 mph and can go up hill with no slow down at all. If you can would you please try to fix the speed and the slow down. Other than that its a GREAT mod and thank you again for doing it for me. PAPA

papa (Guest)
1 year ago

JCB you are so awesome. Thank you my MAN


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