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KRAZ-255B New Life v 2.7.1

Rating: 5/5, based on 1 vote
uploaded 2020-01-15 18:45:34, by John Der33

All standard FS19 functions
- Power 240 HP
- Maximum speed of 80 km / h
- Price 65500
- Choice of color
- Design selection
- The color selection drives
- Wheel selection
- Motor selection
- Dynamic hoses
- Adjusting the seat position
Version 2.1:
- updated the appearance of the seats
- minor lighting edits
- added German localization
Version 2.2:
- improved operation of the rear suspension: KrAZ received an independent cart.
Version 2.3:
- improved some models
- improved texture: new normals, dirt and scratches, added ambient oclug...
Version 2.4:
- some technical optimizations
- improved models of wheels for bast shoes
- improved appearance of tires VID-201 (bast Shoes): added side patterns and markings
- added authentic VI-3 tires
- improved mud textures for tires and rims
Version 2.5:
- minor edits
- added modification of KrAZ 255B dump truck
What's new in version
- Added modification of Kraz 255B ZSK-15 (seeds / fertilizers / lime))
- Updated models and textures of all tires
- Improved cabin detail both inside and outside
- Added the ability to open front Windows (Shift + N / Shift + J)
- Added animation of the driver's door at the entrance / exit
- new wheels
- The roof light is now only turned on manually (Home button»)
- Many technical improvements and optimizations that take too long to describe ...
- Changes Added a bit of chrome color
Mod author: Axary



KRAZ-255B New Life v 2.7.1, 1 photoKRAZ-255B New Life v 2.7.1, 2 photoKRAZ-255B New Life v 2.7.1, 3 photo
uploaded by John Der33
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