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Loot Slash Conquer (1.12.2)

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uploaded 2018-07-17 03:03:14, by ardwins

Loot Slash Conquer Mod 1.12.2 is an immersive, action RPG mod inspired by the Legendary Hack/Mine mod. Explore large, randomly generated towers and dungeons, collect all different kinds of loot, and experience thousands of different weapon possibilities as you conquer the world of Minecraft

  • Player classes and abilities, allowing you to diversify your playstyle.

  • Player stats which influence many different things, such as damage, health, attack speed, movement speed, mana, health regeneration, criticals, and much more.

  • Player leveling and experience system, allowing you to gain power as you level up.

  • Randomly generated weapons and armor, including levels, rarities, customized damage and armor values, and attributes.

  • New types of weapons and armor, including daggers, maces, staves, light/heavy armor, bows, and much more!

  • Custom monsters, each with their own unique attack, AI, and abilities.

  • Complex bosses with unique stages and abilities.

  • Procedurally generated dungeons and towers, offering truly amazing places to explore, loot, and conquer.

  • Massive hand-made boss dungeons, requiring you to traverse the entire dungeon before fighting the boss.

  • Tons of new items, such as scrolls, glyphs, and more.

  • Complex loot system, allowing you to find randomly generated loot all over the world, regardless of where it comes from.

  • Area leveling system – the world becomes much more difficult, but equally rewarding, the farther out you travel from spawn.

  • Randomly generated stats for all monsters which spawn in the world, which scale in difficulty according to the Area level.

  • Mod compatibility – modded weapons/armor will naturally work with LSC’s randomization and modded monsters will also get scaled with a level and tier.

  • And much more!



Loot Slash Conquer (1.12.2), 1 photoLoot Slash Conquer (1.12.2), 2 photoLoot Slash Conquer (1.12.2), 3 photo

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uploaded by ardwins
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