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BMW M760i 2017 Car v 1.0

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uploaded 2019-01-25 10:37:56, by VEX

BMW M760i 2017 Car v1.0 - Spintires: MudRunner Mod
The mod was made to order and will change only at the request of the customer.
BMW M760i – executive class fighter.

Another, to put it mildly, an unusual mod from me. At this time, this “seven” BMW. Palace on wheels, the best that BMW can offer now. Appearance is fear, this car literally tells you: “Or do you immediately get behind the wheel or you do not say hello.” If we talk about the cabin, then this is the realm of leather, metal and wood. Their clear combination creates the effect of comfort and tranquility, giving the strongest contrast to the external and internal components of the machine. But how did such a car get into a mudrainer? After all, we have a game about multi-ton and severe trucks, and here it is. The answer is quite simple – it is a custom modification, so, like everyone in this world, money has done its job. Everything in this car was made for the customer, so please refrain from criticism of the characteristics, they fit the way people wanted. If we talk about the car, then the RP will fit perfectly, does not really like dirt (it is understandable), but if necessary, it can cope with it.

Features of the model:
1) High-quality HQ interior and exterior;
2) Correct landing of the driver, convenient game camera;
3) Conflict correctly configured;
4) The steering wheel, all as in the original cars;
5) The correct functionality of all optics;
6) Realistic chrome;
7) Original proportions of the car;
8) Working lighting in the interior;
9) Correct reflections in the mirrors;
10) All your sounds, the real sound of a BMW engine;

BMW M760i 2017 Car v1.0 - Spintires: MudRunner Mod



BMW M760i 2017 Car v 1.0, 1 photoBMW M760i 2017 Car v 1.0, 2 photoBMW M760i 2017 Car v 1.0, 3 photo

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uploaded by VEX
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