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Mercedes Benz G-Class 2019 v 1.3

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uploaded 2018-12-19 13:27:33, by ARAB


Features of the model:
1) High-quality HQ interior and exterior;
2) Correct landing of the driver, convenient game camera;
3) Conflict correctly configured;
4) The steering wheel, all as in the original cars;
5) The correct functionality of all optics;
6) Realistic chrome;
7) Original proportions of the car;

Update 1.3
1) The entire model is updated under the visual package G500 (Discs, label, extra chrome, some parts in the cabin).
2) "Real" reflection of the car in the mirrors.
3) License plates added.
4) Another polished model in terms of minor bugs and shortcomings, reduced the number of polygons from 300k to 250, without loss of quality.
5) Fully completed as an external (I looked for mistakes and repetitions in registration, there were mistakes in 1500 lines), and internal lighting.
Speaking from myself, I tried to bring the Mercedes to the ideal state from my point of view, I hope you enjoy it.
3D model: Internet
Working with a 3D model and everything that applies to it: danft

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uploaded by ARAB
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