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Campaign "Mountain pass 2018"

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uploaded 2018-01-20 13:29:39, by zurisar

Hi guys! My second work "Mountain pass 2018" - this is first map. I want do a small campaign with one scenario and some qty of maps, any comments\critics are welcome.

The phone ring cut through the silence of the dark room, you reached for the nightstand, the "Unknown subscriber" was on the display.
"Hello, who is this?"
"Zdarov, have not you died yet?" There is work! - you found out, in a hoarse voice, Mikhalych.
- What kind of work, again in the swamps drown?
- Yes, no, now the mountains, remember the earthquake? There, the old stone bridge collapsed in the gorge!
We drove the boats to where we could, but the last 700 meters of the rapids, we need cars.
You doubted it was possible to pass through the gorge, but usually they took food and medicine to the village behind the pass.
- Mikhalych, a lot of wood then ?, - Mikhalych never gave up simple tasks, but paid accordingly.
- Yes, there are a couple of cars there, just build wooden furniture, or people are starving! Just take your friends with you!
- Okay, in the morning we'll drive to your car.
- Wait, wait, there's still a forester to bring the car, or he crushed the house, - Mikhalych snickered and hung up ...

Map size
: 256m x 768m

On map:
1 garage (open) (made specially for multiplayer)
1 loading point (2in1)
0 refuel stations (you can find old gas truck stucked on pass)
2 discover points

A-469 (closed)
C-65111 x 2
C-4310 x 2
C-256 (closed)

Map tested with default vehicles.

Multiplayer: should work, can't test.

Aleksey zurisar Vorobev


Campaign "Mountain pass 2018", 1 photoCampaign "Mountain pass 2018", 2 photoCampaign "Mountain pass 2018", 3 photoCampaign "Mountain pass 2018", 4 photo

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uploaded by zurisar
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