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La luna6 v 1.0

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uploaded 2018-07-03 12:32:56, by ARAB

Welkom to La Luna6, the other side.

I made this map as a trial. To see how far I could go with corners and up and downs. 
As i go on, i was adding trees and gras and rocks. Finnaly I decided to publish the map.
The map is very simple and not very big, the roads are straight ahead. 
Only the routes are a bit more difficult :), and the area is very rough. 
There are two unloading sites, and these are on the other side. 
The difficult depends purely on your choice of truck and your driving style and your invention's 
richness and a little input from my side into the map. :)

- You will use the winch several "more" times.
- There are 3 flags on your route, The flags will come to you, so don't hunt.
- Do not use large trucks with a medium or long logs! You will end up, a floor lower!
- TIP, The MAZ 200 and 500 serie are perfect trucks, also with medium logs. 
- The routes use a lot of fuel. be warned!!
- It is not advisable to put the gearbox in the automatic , when you go down!! :)

Map size 640m x 512m
On the map: 
– 6 Trucks, (2 replaceables, 2xk255, 2xk256) (all at the garage)
– 1 Garage (open)
– 1 Fuel station
– 2 Unloading places
– 1 Loading place
– 1 log kiosk
– 3 Conquer the flags


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uploaded by ARAB
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