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The Verdante Forest 2

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uploaded 2019-06-27 00:40:38, by ARAB

Are you tired of playing maps that seem to force you where you need to go? In TVF2, I created a map that gives you alternate routes to the various places you can go to. Typically a harder but shorter route, and a longer but easier route. No path is out of bounds so if you spent the time to weasel your truck through some trees or something to get to the next location, then that is just fine with me.

Your start, you can explore with the scout truck, or take the provided truck with garage trailer and go unlock one of the 2 garages. What you do from there, is up to you!

What this map offers:

  • Laid back style with plenty to explore and look at.

  • No additional mods needed to play other than the free DLC's.

  • Log Kiosks and square garages for Hardcore players.

  • A variety of vehicles, 12 fixed and 5 random.

  • 2.5-5 hours of content.

  • Multiplayer Friendly!

  • No stupidly difficult routes that are a requirement to travel on.

  • If you liked "The Bog", than this map is right for you!


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uploaded by ARAB
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