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Kirovets K700 *upgraded*

Rating: 5/5, based on 2 votes
uploaded 2019-01-13 12:52:05, by ARAB


This is an upgraded version of the default Kirovets K 700 tractor.

This mod features:
- new sounds (less turbo whistle!)
- crane addon (with winch point in the claw to recover vehicles)
- socket for the big MAZ garage semi trailer 
- spare wheel addon

- K700 has increased torque (200000) 
- K700 has more traction
- K700 is slower in automatic
- K700 has a slightly better steering (more power, +1° more steering angle, +-3° steering angle for each wheel)

All in all you will find this lightweight mod to be a balanced and very useful upgrade to the default K700.

It's less noisy and with the new addons, the incresed power and traction it will easily become your new preferred vehicle for supporting, loading, towing and recovering. 
Slow but steady and nearly unstoppable!

This mod uses default models, textures and sounds, I've added one additional sound flie.

Have fun!



Kirovets K700 *upgraded*, 1 photoKirovets K700 *upgraded*, 2 photoKirovets K700 *upgraded*, 3 photoKirovets K700 *upgraded*, 4 photo

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uploaded by ARAB
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