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Level Río Chiquito for Spintires V03.03.16

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uploaded 2018-06-07 00:17:09, by Marsk_Kats


A large map, 1 km x 1 km. Medium difficulty. A place called "Río Chiquito". This place is crossed by a river that is also called Río Chiquito. You must cross that river several times to complete the map


Features of Map:

– 1 Garages (opening)

– 3 spaces at the beginning with truck and 7 trucks on map

– The B130 (blue Zil) is 4x4
– The B130, The Gaz66 and the Uaz469 Have several types of wheel to change in the garage

– The spare wheels have fuel

– 2 Fuel Stations

– 5 Objectives

– 1 Lumber

– 7 Points of exploration

– Requires Spintires+-: No

Marsk Kats

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uploaded by Marsk_Kats
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2019-10-27 11:27:55 nico (Guest)

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