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Map "Shadow of Chernobyl" v 1.1

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uploaded 2017-07-23 14:26:28, by ARAB

The map is made on the basis of the southern part of the Zone from the game "Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl" (S. T. A. L. K. E. R). The location is a bit compressed to all fit in there. Visit familiar places!

10 years ago Gunner destroyed On-Consciousness. Area disappeared, stalkers no longer collect artifacts. However, for enterprising people found a new occupation - the Chernobyl exclusion zone without humans was overgrown forest. You have decided to organize the timber industry in the former Area. Dangerous competitors, the remnants of the radiation and anomalies will not stop you, victorious, slashing it's possible that radioactive forest for the citizens of the entire planet...

The map is presented in two variants: 8 sawmills - recommended for multiplayer for four, and 4 sawmills - for single/double (in the name number 8 or 4, respectively).

On the map:
11 points of intelligence
1 garage (2 on version with 4 sawmills)
2 refills
4 point of loading, of which only one allows you to spawn the logs - the rest prepared for two long logs.
1 felling
4 or 8 sawmills
5 units on the map (closed)
4 cars at the start: the prescribed repair Ural, KAMAZ and KrAZ cistern.

On single coil version 3 2 points garage, so you can't fuck up the passage, accidentally opened Polgara! There are Easter eggs.

Attention! On the map a lot of objects, and reeds, so there may be a strong podragivanija due to the loading.
Version 1.1 for SpinTires (v03.03.16):

Replaced some objects on the map for greater similarity with the "original".
Also On-Consciousness broke the railway bridge back, and marshes made it more muddy (not much).
Дмитрий Шулейко (dmitriy1815)

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uploaded by ARAB
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2017-07-29 16:42:21 Frank (Guest)

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