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Textures “Juicy Summer”

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uploaded 2019-05-09 16:14:04, by ARAB

This mod is the color for the standard world around in the game SPINTIRES.
Now you do not need to look for any graphic mods for the game and customize them, just download and install the mod "Juicy Summer"!
Replaced almost all gaming textures for a more vibrant and rich.
Multiplayer and achievements are not affected, but in order for your friend to see your friend on the network, he must also install them. Otherwise, he will see the standard ones, that is, those that he has installed.

1. Move the contents of the "TextureCache" mod folder to the "" game with the replacement of files!
2. Move the "billboards" mod folder to the "" game archive.
3.Clear the game cash!
Attention!!! Remember to backup these folders!
The author of the original mod: Taras.
Correspondence and revision author: Alexey Baranov (ARAB)

Alexey Baranov (ARAB)

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uploaded by ARAB
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