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@TypicalGaming04 It's probably the site I uploaded it to that you can' access. I will be uploading V3 on there but I will also upload the file direct on here so if you can' download it from there you can try here. @Golden Wolf The IndividualHudFruit mod should make the IndividualHudFiles folder where your save directory is located when you enable the mod. I have given an example as to where it could be. (example:Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2017) I'm not sure how to help you with the password problem but you are the second person to tell me they are having troubles with some password protection. I don' know how to fix that I never set a password on the files. Lastly for everyone this is screenshot from V3
I'm working on V3 it's just taking a while to get all the buildings done but it's coming along. V3 uses fertilizer instead of manure so you don' need to change files for the ground.
if your running on windows. (example:Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2017) if your running on mac go to finder then documents press go in the top bar then "enclosing folder" then library in the same window "application support" Farming simulator 2017 folder
I don' know how to help you with the file problem I have given the example as to where it could be also It should work on multiplayer I have tested it with my friend.
You can. Everything that you can do with grass you can do with the snow. For now you will have to use a mower to cut it then you can pick it up with a universal bucket but soon as enough people know that the plow able snow is ready then I'm sure other modders will start to make plows that work with the snow. :)
That's a good idea. Do you know the terrainDetailHeight number code for fertilizer?
it's not password protected
I'm working on a version that you don' need to switch the files back and forth it will also include snow piled up on the roofs of buildings and icicles hanging off buildings.
I saw this video of some that are in a work in progress. I don' when they will be done I'm not working on them. I've linked the video so you can check it out