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This is a copy of my mod Mack B-61 and there is not V8 engine. The engine is 6 cylinders straight.
This is a copy of my mod Mack B-61 and Fliegl trailer with 4 sets of wheels. Only packed together in RAR file.
on Mack B-61 truck
6 years ago
Reply to Very nice mod(Guest). Good idea. I will add it soon.Thank you for suggestion.
You should read “Farming Simulator Modding for Dummies”… Just like I did. I tried to make this truck with minimum triangles possible.(83.634 triangles). And you added the exhaust shields (72.832 triangles each).One shield make almost extra truck. Plus added new material for the shields make +10 MB. This will really hurt the lower end computers. It is like running 3 truck at the same time. According to that book maximum triangles count should be 50.000. Yours just one exhaust shield past this number almost 50%. This truck is together: 72.832 one shield +72.832 second shield +83.634 for truck =229.298 triangles. This is not accepted for video game.
on Mack B-61 truck
6 years ago
Here how to make this truck 6x6. Download notepad++ here "Take this one if you have no idea which one you should take." and install it. Make new folder in Documents or on desktop. Go to Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods and right click on that zipped Mack folder. Copy it and paste in that folder you just make.Now right click on that zipped Mack folder end Extract All...Open the Extracted folder and right click on "Mack_B61.xml." Now click Edit with Notepad++.Now find this: and replace it with this: starting with < and ending with > Save it.(not save as!-just save)Now in that Extracted folder the Mack_B61.xml is rewritten.Right click on it and copy it. Now go to Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods and right click on that zipped Mack folder.Clik on paste. The frame will pop up"There is already file with the same name in this lokation".Click "Copy and Replace" Start the game and run your new Mack_B61 6x6.If you have any they all will be 6x6.
shadowr434,You are right but this is just fun truck.Only visually Mack B-61 and under the hood I put there straight six. V8 engine requires much more polygons to build and will overload slower computers.This truck is build with 83.634 triangles. So the average computer will run it easy.You can find here at Modland some very nice trucks,but build with 1.800.000 triangles.This is very bad for the game.It is like running 20 truck like this Mack at the same time.
on Mack B-61 truck
6 years ago
Video how to make it 6x6 is here
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6 years ago
In the store it is in the "Front Loader" category!!......Great mod!!....super details.Thank you.The backing sound file is stereo (not supported).Just remove it in the xml file.:-)