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Italian modder 🇮🇹. Mod on the profile photo made by me pls don’t ask for it it’s private and it’s not the Chemia’s RS2 and his RS2 is better.


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@URUS LEAKER if you would I can speak with you on DS.
on Audi R8 V10 Spyder
5 months ago
guys I want to know who was spamming 50 dislikes, he will pay for it because by doing so you think my mods suck you're wrong, if it happens again I don't post more mods because of the idiot guys who come in with 40 different accounts to dislike.
and pls fix the stering, the car no one has noticed it pulls to the right and not a little, otherwise great job.

Looks good but he need new real custom wheels trust me it looks better with custom wheels.

Bro remove the Est R34 he got leaked and it’s private.

Do not download it is a scam has only two configurations and missing the glass textures when you do accidents.
3 months ago

@inflation Pro Lmfao you are kid dude shut Up Sftu.

Good news a big remaster of my 812 is coming!
@Mr.Crying Cat cringe dude leave me alone. What's your problem kid guy.