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I am a guy who likes to be at the computer but who also likes girls but I'm trying to be as hard as possible to make the community happy!

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and pls fix the stering, the car no one has noticed it pulls to the right and not a little, otherwise great job.

on Ferrari Pack
3 months ago

thanks guys for the 2,000 downloads. Warn you I do not know when the site will publish it because there are problems with the release.

Do not download it is a scam has only two configurations and missing the glass textures when you do accidents.

on Hyundai Veloster N
1 month ago

Raiiiu these is fake?

on Audi R8 V10 Spyder
1 week ago

guys I want to know who was spamming 50 dislikes, he will pay for it because by doing so you think my mods suck you're wrong, if it happens again I don't post more mods because of the idiot guys who come in with 40 different accounts to dislike.

on Audi R8
1 month ago

Update my version, have all configuration.

Thanks ;)

Nah it is so cool

on Chevy duramax
2 months ago

I made it now guys you don't have to waste time setting it from scratch I have saved its configuration and it works remains perfectly saved as I want