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Seasons version is being tested now. Release date TBA later.

on Iconik EAL Haulers
3 years ago

All our vehicles screwed up on the server because of these and we deleted the mod. gotta test these mods before releasing them folks im just glad it didnt blow our save up as well.

where did you steal this? its not supposed to be released yet?

Where is the original download from the mod author? I would rather support the modder not the bot that stole it.

Hey all There are a couple issues that i am working on. I have had some help and pointers to fix these issues. Now I am testing it all to make sure the factories all work as they are supposed to. I apologize to you all as this was a odd issues with things working fine for me until the file was zipped. I still do not know why they worked for me when they should not have worked at all. the issues with the happy hippie I think are resolved but I am not going to release another update till I know 100% for certain it works.

I am testing this for the person that converted it so I know it is not supposed to be posted anywhere. I already notified him as well.

there is a cat and in the next update you shall see said cat lmao

ok cool, ill just set it to 120 to get my fields done again :)

@JeremyS21132 do you have errors in the log?

just bought it no issues restarted game did it again.