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Robillard Flats 4x Seasons.

Rating: 1/5, based on 154 votes
uploaded 2020-02-08 15:01:41, by jimsgamestreams

This map is based off the main farm that burned down and I wanted to bring it back to life. In this map you will find not only the best representation of the main farm that my skills allowed. Also many names and products all Vermonters will know of or at least heard of are in the map. The owners son took a look at the images I sent him and said they are spot on and look just like the real farm and thats what I was after. So enjoy the map and please report any problems to me via my Discord channel or through my facebook page or catch me on my stream on twitch

Built in 1908 by George Metcalf, Guy and Helen Robillard bought the farm in 1960 (there were other owners in between) followed by their son and his wife, Bernard and Denise Robillard. The round barn burned on August 23 2016
If you find this map on any other sites and do not see my name please report it to me at Thank you.
Do not upload this map to any site without my express permission.I will request it removed if you do.
James Wagner
Testers and support.
Winston9587 Scripting and as well as error checking and building all the factories custom for the map.
A special thank you to everyone who sat and watched me build it during my streams and also all those listed below who's mods and placables I have used in the map some of which I customized for the map.
This is a unzip file for all mods and factories required for the map. it has also been server tested and no errors found as of this time. Please also not Global script is also required for this map.
Important This map is only to be found at the original link and no other link is to be allowed. This is my creation and as such no edits can be made to it unless for personal use only. It is not to be uploaded to any other site without my express permission. This includes google accounts. If you want to share it use the original link only. If found anywhere else I will request it removed as It is the property of James Wagner aka Jims Game Streams and as such under my copyright as original author.

Jims Game Streams Winston9587 Joe/Liquid5150  Djanet, vFAITHv, Cobretti137, Rylord, cjwilksy, VertexDezign - Niggels, Stf_modding,building TomLsMods, BDBSSB, Kastor, McKnightG, Buzzard Modding, RAND0Msparks,SeriousMods, Barbicha, Sas1325.

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uploaded by jimsgamestreams
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Comments (19)

2020-02-08 19:24:41 william_10
need modland download link
2020-02-08 19:35:26 ricobab
the download site is slow as hell...
2020-02-08 20:09:14 jimsgamestreams
File size is too large for modlands limit size for one and I no longer use my google drive to host the files for modland to make money off my mods while i foot the bill for hosting. if you think its fair for someone to make money from my work and do not want to support the mod author then do not bother downloading.
2020-02-08 20:18:53 jimsgamestreams
Are ya blind bud I am reporting your link now.
2020-02-08 20:28:04 jimsgamestreams
See folks its people like CRISTICRIS That have kept me from posting more of my maps and mods and kept them private. you steal a person mod and post it to a site where you make money per download. this proves you sir are a douchbag.
2020-02-08 20:45:15 jimsgamestreams
streaming it now
2020-02-08 22:04:11 Cornish Gamer (Guest)
Can't believe this map has been stolen already, why can't you make your own map, this is why there are so many private mods, all because of you s**** who want credit for other peoples work
2020-02-08 22:23:40 Lancashire farmer (Guest)
Do you actually realise how long it takes to make maps and this guy comes along and just uploads it to this site you my man or probably boy are a total disgrace. No wonder people keep things private with s**** like you this is another reason why I only keep to a small group of friends with our personal items .
2020-02-09 00:31:41 I hate losers like this (Guest)
The dude that uploaded this map is a d-bag. He is not the map author, just a piece of steaming monkey dung.
2020-02-09 16:51:59 jimsgamestreams
his link has been removed thanks to the admins here.
2020-02-10 08:02:29 Tacrosby (Guest)
LOVE the SPONGE BOB References
2020-02-10 13:13:00 del (Guest)
superb map even for my pc specs which aint the best ,,, but please enlighten me to the spawn trigger behind the silage clamp what is it for
2020-02-10 14:32:11 jimsgamestreams
the spawn point behind the clamp is for the sheeps wool pallets
2020-02-10 15:45:02 del (Guest)
also ive noticed the reset point for vehicles is in the field of gr**** next to field 33
2020-02-10 19:12:31 MANY (Guest)
2020-02-10 23:07:53 Eagle355th
Awesome Map Thank you.. Best map of all
2020-02-11 05:41:36 jimsgamestreams
The reset point is there because thats where the farm is.
2020-03-30 22:28:17 jimsgamestreams
These is a bug on the map with the silage bunker behind the farm. It has been fixed and is available only through private message through my facebook group only. This is to protect my map from being stolen and uploaded without my permission. If you ask for it from me you are not to reupload it.
2020-05-17 23:29:29 dbarbour115
best map ever i loved this in FS17 and now I have you for 19 The Farm Corner

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