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on PKC COPO Camaro
1 year ago
thanks everyone for the positive feedback, I am uploading a better version now. I didn't realize on the last one the bumpers and trunk were misaligned :)
on Yamaha YFZ450
1 year ago
thanks, I believe someone else has decided to create a quad which will be much better than what i can produce so keep an eye out for it

@planelake  like the description says it is a very basic mod. the beams have been stripped to only include necessary items to support the truck and the dae has been cached. plus it has limited textures 🤷🏻‍♂️ I don’t know what to tell ya man lol it’s a small file so what. doesn’t make it a fake, for someone who has no mods uploaded I wouldn’t expect you to know the difference so no worries 🍻

on PKC COPO Camaro
1 year ago

@averageviperfan  there is if you search Camaro I think it still shows up 

those are from a private mod but there is a similar set you can get from 1320 on their patreon
on PKC COPO Camaro
1 year ago
oh trust me lol they are coming

@4Runner challenge accepted

@huj revamp coming soon


sorry, for some reason the file didn't pack properly. I submitted the updated version so it will be 12-24 hours before it is uploaded. Check back tomorrow o7
mod was broken, file didnt compress properly. Should be available tomorrow once approved.