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on Buggati Chiron
3 months ago

This is definitely a troll. No one is going to pay $25 for one config. Which is literally the price of the base game. And on top of that, you don’t even showcase the quality of the mod. Next time at least show that the mod is worth buying if you are going to be charging these outrageous amounts…

on Lamborghini AventaodrJ
4 months ago


on ETK 535S
5 months ago
what the fu ck is this

@Link? it's on the forums for free...

4 months ago
on Seat Leon 2022
4 months ago
People were paying for this???? The Gauges have crappy textures, pedals don't work, turn signals don't work either, rims are not aligned properly with the tires. yes I know this is a yolobet mod but come on now?
on Kia Soul 2020
4 months ago
Exterior model is good, although it uses a vivace interior and the gauges don't work.
on Volkswagen Passat 2022
3 months ago

So many dislikes. What's wrong with the mod? 


on Tesla Model S 2022
4 months ago
What kind of dumb a ss reuploads a paid mod and then asks people to pay for it on their profile?