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on The Midnight Run
11 months ago

@kyhk you COPIED ME AGAIN >:(

on Porsche 911 992 TwiXeR
8 months ago

i think this car will hit 10,000,000 downloads soon.

on Dacia Logan Car Mod
11 months ago

@John Der33 has 44627 MODS!!!!!! (°ロ°)

why did you reupload this mod?? im gonna show this to twixer!!

on MAN TGS Truck
9 months ago

those moders that post old mods like this one is like 2 years old. and why do people post old mods here like this man TGS like why did you post this because there is a lot of them and i would wish so people would stop posting old mods. 


11 months ago

@kyhk YOU COPIED ME!! >:(

on Lego Car
9 months ago

@Firby  shut the fu,ck up!!! stop saying this everywhere and i know you are not the real firby because you would have already made the mod!!

on Lego Car
9 months ago

@FuzionVolt  he wants you to make a opel caravana astra 1.6 and a kia picanto from 2012

on Procyon Centauri
10 months ago

(My beta testers: making sure this mod has a (mostly) smooth release to the repo and withstanding the monthly pings it brought them.)not your mod and you did not put the original author.

on Chevrolet Volt
11 months ago

you reupload everything you see >:(