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Official modpack for WoWs 0.7.9

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uploaded 2019-05-26 21:12:28, by John Der33

Official modpack for World of Warships is virtually the leader among all modpacks, because it is an official, and therefore its development and testing supervised by the developers of the game, that gives a guarantee of stability modpack.
Date updated2018, July 19th
Actual for the patch0.7.7
Current version01
Size82 MB
When the official modpack just appeared, it was actually a complete copy ProShips assembly but even with a smaller number of mods. However modpack began to gain momentum very quickly and when MedvedevTD (author ProShips) said that now he is the developer of the official assembly, the quality has improved dramatically modpack. Now there are a huge amount of mods, pretty quick update after patches and high stability. As for  installer, it gives you the opportunity to clear a folder res_mods, play replays in the game, limit the FPS and view screenshots of the modifications.

Updated on 18.09.18 (v12)
Full version 0.7.9 patch

1) Unpack the archive to any location
2) Run and follow the istructions
3) Select the desired mod and install them


Official modpack for WoWs 0.7.9, 1 photoOfficial modpack for WoWs 0.7.9, 2 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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