Detroit Diesel Series 60 Straight pipe sound 6.0

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latest Version 6.0 · Detroit Diesel Series 60 Straight pipe sound · ATS 1.45.x 1 year ago
Version 6.0 Changelog:
-Rebuilt the entire mod
-Separated sound variants: 12.7L and 14.0L
-Temporarily removed 11.1L and 900HP Tuned engine due to limited time and lack of samples
-Updated CAST for more convenient, now you don't need to change anything in engine files
-Included idle jake brake system

How to use idle jake brake:
1. hold light horn button (J button) for 1 second, then release
2. tap light horn button once again, and idle jake brake should be engaged
3. Repeat the same process to turn off

Note: idle jake brake system doesn't compatible with mods that contain interior switches sound
(Sound fixes pack is exceptional but keep piority under my mod)


Version 5.3 Changelog:
-Reworked and more detailed exhaust sound
-Included 550/600HP 12.7/14L and 900HP 14L tuned engines
(900HP engine will have 2450rpm redline with popcorn limiter sound)
-Fixed underpowered 515hp 14L engine
-Little improvements on exhaust sound
-Supported more trucks
-Better engines data
-Included Customizable Additional Supported Trucks (CAST)
If you don't know what CAST is :

Quick tutorial on how to use CAST
1. Goto def/vehicle/truck/
2. Rename one of zcustom_xx into truck def name you want
(optional but should do)
3. get inside that folder/engine/
4. Open every dd60_xxx.sii files and look at line 3
5. change "dd60_xxx.custom.engine" to "dd60_xxx.(truck def name).engine" for every files in that folder
and you should good to go

Version 5.0 Changelog:
-Included 11.1L 250-350HP engines
-(Once again) fixed/reduced sound glitch
-Fixed underpowered 455hp 12.7L engine
-Reworked exhaust sound
-New blow off valve system with realistic dumpvalve sound
-Optimized parameters
-Improved exhaust distortion
-Supported more trucks

Version 4.5 Changelog:
-Reworked exhaust and intake sound
-Included engine whine
-More realistic turbo behavior
-New improved sound attenuation and exhaust distortion
-New engine icon in customize page
-little more improvements

Version 4.0 Changelog:
-Properly updated for 1.42/1.43
-New engine sound
-Included custom sound distortion for realistic exhaust sound depend on how much throttle pressed
-Fixed sound glitch problem
-Supported Dom's Diesel Peterbilt 379
-Supported SCS Volvo VNL (as a glider kit)
-Much more improvements

Version 3.5 Changelog:
-Updated for 1.42
-New start sound
-New jake brake sound
-Much more improvements

Version 3.1 Changelog:
-Supported Jon Ruda's Peterbilt 389 and Kenworth W900

Vesion 3.0 Changelog:
-New sound samples
-Included Custom sound orientation for extra realistic sound from different angle
-Included dynamic exhaust sound distortion
-Included 500hp 12.7 litre engine for glider kits
-Improvements on engine information (Some truck will have only glider engine, improved torque curve etc.)
-Much more sound improvements


Version 2.5 Changelog:
-Supported more trucks (as a glider kit)
-more samples
-more improvements

Version 2.0 Changelog:
-Now mod have only one variant
-rebuilded sound
-Included custom sound attenuation
-Supported Peterbilt 379 Legacy Class by CarlosEdu1414

Version 1.5 Changelog:
Note: These changelog only in 7inches variants
-Improved exhaust and turbo sound
-Louder jake brake
-Imprved sound position
-Improved engine information in truck customize menu

Introduce my first ATS mod

This mod I combined OnBoard, Kriechbum and SCS DD60 sound and make it 2 variants
-7inch and smaller pipe sound
-8inch and larger pipe sound

Supported truck:
SCS Kenworth W900
SCS Peterbilt 389
SCS Peterbilt 579
Peterbilt 379/389 by Viper2
Freightliner Classic XL by Jon Ruda
Frieghtliner Classic XL by ReNeNate
Freightliner FLD 120 by ReNeNate
Kenworth K100E by Overfloater

I don't add some SCS truck because it doesn't have DD60 in real life

If you want more truck support, please contact me for conversion (Or do yourself if you can do :3)

DISCLAIMER: Some mod I didn't test so please tell me if my mod don't work on your truck

Version 1.0:
Initial Released



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Slav Jerry your Mods are the Best Keep Making them Good 


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