Realistic Brutal Weather ATS v4.5

6 GB
files size
1 year ago

Latest Update

latest Version v4.5 · ATS 1.43.x 2 weeks ago

Changelog v4.5
✔ Corrected Some Skyboxes
✔ Rework Sun Halo Colors & Rays
✔ Updated Fog, Mist etc
✔ Rework Climate In General
✔ New Added 2 Ownable RBW Trailer Skins - You Can Buy Them To Use As Your Trailer (Buy/Find In: Standart Trailers ONLY)
✔ New RBW Trailers Are In AI Traffic
✔ Other Minor Tweaks And Improvements
✔ Updated RBW Mod Description

About Mod

Latest Version v4.5
Game ATS
Category Other
Game Version 1.43.x
Downloads 8033
Created 1 year ago
Last Updated 2 weeks ago


chris (Guest)
1 month ago

Jesus How Big Is This Mod

stormforce (Guest)
2 months ago

Would it be possible to do some optimisation on this mod to reduce the file size?

Big T (Guest)
9 months ago

Hey folks, I don't understand tearing up a modder who is providing what I think is a great mod at no charge. It's adds a significant amount of realism to the sim. If you don't like it don't use it, don't leave nasty comments to people providing free services. A little respect please. Suggestions can be given without being rude.

Charly (Guest)
2 months ago

@Reality Check You dont need to actually make any mods to understand how a mod works, what is the developer console (to check for errors and problems) and other things. Realizing when a mod is unpolished as hell is really easy, but if you dont even know this, why i even bother to answer you lol.

Reality Check (Guest)
2 months ago

@Charly, please share your mods that you have created with the rest of us! Since you are so knowledgeable and critique other people's mods with such detail surely you have some awesome mods that are perfect and free of any flaws. Unless, of course, you just spend your time critizing others with nothing to back it up. In that case shut up.

Charly (Guest)
3 months ago

This mod is garbage. As simple as that. But kids nowadays love playing with fancy things even if it breaks the immersion of the game completely. Terrible transitions between day and night, bad skyboxes, weird lightning issues, etc, etc. Yup it is a great mod. ****1n idiots. lol. And the author always refused to "fix" many things that in his opinion, "are completely fine". And, no charge? what are you, an idiot? All mods SHOULD BE FREE. If you want to donate, you are welcome. But people who makes mods with the only purpose of selling it should go away. Its people like you supporting crappy modders the ones crippling down the modding community.

Slick Willy (Guest)
11 months ago

Id give half a buffalo for what tantalus is smoking. Boy Howdy is he angry !!

@tantalus (Guest)
3 months ago

BRUH, you must REALLY love smoking Freddy's little shrimp and letting him do his best at shoving that little thing right up your barbee, eh bruh?!?GET LOST !!

tantalus (Guest)
3 months ago

Maybe you should smoke it too. Better yet, buy a brain for yourself before that, or you wont feel it at all.

Charly (Guest)
11 months ago

Did you finally at least remove the moon skyboxes and fixed that weird lightning problem at sunset??? its one of the main reasons i just cant use this mod. And you keep ignoring these two big issues. I wonder why people even bother to use this mod. They keep supporting bad mooders all the time.

1 year ago

Please dude, either you remove those ugly half-moon skyboxes, or do something about it. Its completely breaking my immersion!!!


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