Realistic Brutal Weather ATS v4.0

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9 months ago
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latest Version v4.0 · ATS 1.41.x 1 month ago
Changelog v4.0
✔ Improved Weather In General
✔ Corrected Some Sky Textures
✔ Improved Heavy Rain
✔ Other Minor Tweaks And Improvements
Changelog v3.9
✔ Rework Some Colours
✔ Added More Types Of Fog Intensity
✔ Other Weather Tweaks / Improvements
✔ Other Minor Tweaks And Improvements
Changelog V3.8
✔ Compatible With ETS 1.41.x
✔ Added New Sky Type Of Mornings / Afternoons
✔ Added New Sky Types Of Dawns / Sunrises
✔ Added New Sky Types Of Sunsets / Evenings
✔ Added New Sky Types Of Rain & Sunny Weather
✔ Reworked Rain Intensity
✔ Other Weather Tweaks / Improvements
✔ Other Minor Tweaks And Improvements
Changelog v3.7
✔ Tweak Some Colours
✔ Weather Improvements
✔ Other Minor Tweaks And Improvements
Changelog v6.5

✔ General Colours Tweaks
✔ General Weather Improved
✔ Tweak Wheels Water Particles / Spray
✔ Other QOL Improvements
✔ Other Minor Tweaks And Improvements
Changelog V3.5
✔ Fog Now Can Occur At Night (Dry Weather)
✔ Corrected Some Environemnt & Fog
✔ Improved Daylight Colours
✔ Further Weather Tweaks
Changelog v3.4
✔ Improved & Corrected Some Colours
✔ Tweaks In Weather in General
✔ Compatible With Iberia DLC
✔ Tweaks In Climate
Changelog v3.3
✔ Improved & Rework Fog / Haze / Mist
✔ More Tweaks In Weather in General
✔ Fixed The Sun
Changes v3.2
✔ Compatible With ATS 1.40.x
✔ Improved & Rework Fog / Haze / Mist At Night ( Rain / Bad Weather)
✔ Rework & Updated Climate In General
✔ Updated & Improved Rain & Water In General etc
✔ Added Frozen / Ice Water (Lakes, Rivers etc)
✔ Added Few More Rain Intensity Options
✔ Improved Cloud Shadows
✔ Added Permanently "Unforgiving" to mod name
✔ Enhanced Weather And Graphics
✔ Full Weather System
✔ Compatible To Work With ETS Game Version 1.38.x & 1.39.x
✔ Compatible To Work With Majority Of Maps
✔ Realistic Mirrors FOV
✔ Realistic Reflections, Rain, Sun, Lights, Windows, Glass etc
✔ Realistic Cloud Shadows
✔ Realistic Rain
✔ Realistic Thunder Sounds
✔ Realistic Thunder Sounds Inside Cabin & Outside Cabin Of The Truck
✔ Realistic Rain Drops And Windshield Effects
✔ Realistic Rain Effects
✔ Realistic Rain Sounds
✔ Realistic Rain Intensity (Light Rain To Heavy Rain)
✔ Realistic Water (Sea & Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Beach etc)
✔ Rain Particles/Spray Wheels (Truck & AI Traffic)
✔ Several Different Types Of Weather
✔ Several Types Of Sunset / Evenings
✔ Several Types Of Nights
✔ Several Types Of Dawn / Sun Rises
✔ Truck Outside View Zoom In / Out (Mouse Wheel)
Changelog v3.0
* Rework Climate In General
* Tweaks In The Weather
* Improved Some Colors


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Latest Version v4.0
Game ATS
Category Other
Game Version 1.41.x
Downloads 4846
Created 9 months ago
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Big T (Guest)
5 months ago

Hey folks, I don't understand tearing up a modder who is providing what I think is a great mod at no charge. It's adds a significant amount of realism to the sim. If you don't like it don't use it, don't leave nasty comments to people providing free services. A little respect please. Suggestions can be given without being rude.

JJ (Guest)
2 months ago

i do lazy modders deserve it essp when they dont fix bugs in a timely manner

Slick Willy (Guest)
8 months ago

Id give half a buffalo for what tantalus is smoking. Boy Howdy is he angry !!

Charly (Guest)
8 months ago

Did you finally at least remove the moon skyboxes and fixed that weird lightning problem at sunset??? its one of the main reasons i just cant use this mod. And you keep ignoring these two big issues. I wonder why people even bother to use this mod. They keep supporting bad mooders all the time.

9 months ago

Please dude, either you remove those ugly half-moon skyboxes, or do something about it. Its completely breaking my immersion!!!


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